Basic skirt pattern


Basic skirt pattern


The pattern base for a skirt that you need every time you start a new design for a skirt. Download it, find your size and print it on a piece of cardboard so that every time you have an idea you do not always have to start from the beginning. All skirt designs start with the basic skirt pattern.

Can’t find your size?

Send me your dimensions in the information in the shopping cart and I will make your own pattern in your dimensions.

Do not waste time drawing from the beginning every time. Make it once and use it again and again.


Once your purchase is completed you will receive in your email, the ready pattern in 6 sizes. Download it to your computer and print the first page. The ruler should measure 10 cm. the square shown. If not then go to your printer settings and adjust it to the actual dimensions or 100% scale.

Once everything is fine then print the file and then cut the dashed lines and join the pages numerically. Stick with transparent tape and your pattern is ready for use.



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