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To have a pictorial representation of your ideas, before you implement them, you will need a figure that will highlight them. The figure tries to serve the best performance in the design according to needs and trends. However, here you will learn a classic illustration of it.

As a measure we will take the size of the head. In a simple drawing, we calculate the height of the body from the jaw and below to be equal to seven heights of the head. In a freer design we estimate it to be equal to nine head heights.

You will need a 30 x 40 cm drawing block.

  • First we will draw the head. Make a rectangle. For a perfect head shape, we estimate its horizontal dimension to be 2/3 of the vertical. So if we have 4 cm. vertical, then we will have 2.7 cm. horizontally.

Capture the head in the shape of an egg with its sharp side down.

  • Draw the rest of the body as shown below.
  • The shoulders are 1/3 of the distance from 2 to 3.
  • The upper circumference is 1/6 of the distance from 4 to 5.
  • The knee is 1/3 of the distance from 7 to 8.
  • The ankles are 1/3 of the distance from 9 to 10.

The 3 most popular fashion figures and their proportions.

The fashion figures used by each designer can have any proportions and any size is suitable for him. In fact with imagination we can create figures not so precise and proportional, but they should look as much as possible in the human body. Some designers exaggerate with the size of the head, others create very slim bodies. Anything that is suitable for everyone.

Usually, however, the figures are similar to the human body because most people like to present their drawings and images in shapes that look like real faces. Because they want people who see them to feel connected and attracted to the paintings.

So the 3 most popular figures are:

  • the 8 heads
  • the 9 heads and
  • the 10 heads

The height of a realistic human body, from head to toe, is about eight times the height of the head. For fashion, however, the body is stretched and elongated to nine head heights or even ten. But always from the middle and below so that our figure has very high legs. This automatically makes it more elegant.

If you do not want to go into this process now, there are ready-made prints with fashion figures here or you can choose one of the sketchbooks here .



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