Fashion design, 2 ways to design the head


A head in fashion design has specific dimensions and feature distances that are used as guides for a freer design. There are several ways to design a head for our figures.

Here we will see 2 ways:

The first way is to form a rectangle whose horizontal side will be 2/3 of the vertical. Then we will divide it with three horizontal lines, ie in four equal parts. Divide the fourth part in half.

  • In the first horizontal line the forehead ends and the hair begins.
  • In the second horizontal line are the eyes.
  • Above the third horizontally we draw the nostrils and
  • the lips are on the line separating the fourth part.

The second way is as follows:

Form a circle and a small horizontal line for the chin. Its position should be in the middle of the diameter of the circle. A vertical line would help a lot.

Women tend to have shorter chins than men. So a longer chin would give a masculine figure.

We draw the jaw lines to join the circle with the chin. Women have short face shapes and more round ones, but for example I say use a more angular jaw.

We draw a vertical line in the middle of the circle.

Now we need to measure the total length of the face to divide it into eight parts. We will achieve this if we draw two horizontal lines. One at the top and one where the chin ends. Then we draw the other lines.

Remember to use an HB pencil, so that it is easy for you to erase the help lines later.


In the center line we divide the face horizontally into 5 equal parts. The two lines on the side will help to make it right. Women have bigger and more open eyes than men.

To form the nose, draw two vertical lines from the edges of the eyes to line c. We will use them as a guide for the width of the nose.

From the middle of the eyes we draw two vertical lines up to line c. This will help us to understand the width of the lips.


We form the ears starting a little above the center line and reaching line b. Slowly we begin to erase the auxiliary lines.

And now we are slowly starting to fill in the eyebrows, the hair to reach the final face design that best suits us.

In this article I wanted to introduce you to a guide to the correct dimensions of the face and the distances of its features. From there, you will give it shape and different characteristics, always keeping the design rules of the faces.

To find the initial dimensions that the total length of the face should have, keep in mind its actual dimensions body that you will fit it.

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