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A unique platform that brings together fashion enthusiasts, creators, and suppliers in a comprehensive ecosystem. If you are a fashion designer, illustrator, pattern maker, school, fabric merchant, or a sewing supplies store, here you will find the perfect arena to showcase and promote your products and services. With just an 8% commission on sales, we handle SEO optimization, translations, social media promotion, and much more for you. Join our creative community and discover a world of new opportunities!

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Forget everything you know about shopping in the handmade fashion space. We’re here to rewrite the rules from scratch!

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Want to expand your market without the headache of website management, advertising, and SEO? We are the answer!

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While other platforms merely ‘aggregate’ products, we live and breathe handmade fashion. We’re not just another marketplace. We are the space that connects artists with buyers seeking quality, individuality, and uniqueness.

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Our doors are open only for you, the true professionals. We specialize in handmade fashion—this is our DNA.

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Only here will you find a dedicated audience that values the worth of real handmade fashion. We’re not here for the masses; we’re here for quality.

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, signing up for our platform is the first step towards a brighter and more successful journey.


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The process is the simplest of all!

Seller registration

1. Register as a seller. You enter your personal details and the details of your business. In this step, you create your store and the unique link that will be associated with it.

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Administrator approval

2. You wait for administrator approval. In this step, you already have access to your administrative environment and can start configuring your store.

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Administrative control/management

3. You enter your products and you’re ready to go. We will modify them with the appropriate keywords and translate them into Greek.

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Become a member of our platform without any charges! Yes, you heard right. We’re invested in your success, which is why we only earn when you earn.

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Simply upload your masterful products and let the magic of marketing be done by us. Our strategy is designed to maximize your sales!

Gratitude Expressed in Commissions! 🤝

For every sale made through our platform, all we ask for is a small 8% commission. AND THE BEST OF ALL?

If you join with an 8% commission, then this will apply for the duration of our agreement. The rules with which you start will be maintained throughout the duration of our collaboration.

Easy & Secure

High-Level Security: Your Protection, Our Priority! 🔒

The security of your data is not just a promise—it’s a binding element of our corporate philosophy. By using advanced security systems, we not only monitor but also prevent any unauthorized attempts at access or action.

With the application of high-level security measures, we ensure the protection of your data and information. We have specialized systems in place that prevent any unauthorized access or activity on the platform’s environment. When you enter personal data on our website, we use 256-bit SSL encryption technology, one of the most recognized and powerful encryption techniques available today, to ensure the security of the process.

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Sxediomodas.gr began its journey in 2020 as a blog with a store. Over the past three years, it has managed to build its own audience, an email list, and has 4,000 new visitors per month primarily from Greece but also internationally. Its pages and articles are translated into English following SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines. In recent months, the technical team at sxediomodas.gr has worked hard to transform the blog into an exclusive online marketplace. It aims to connect professionals, creators, and enthusiasts of handmade fashion, jewelry, and art in general. It is a platform where fashion designers, illustrators, pattern makers, schools, fabric merchants, and stores selling sewing or jewelry-making supplies can showcase and promote their products and services.

Professionals such as fashion designers, illustrators, pattern makers, as well as fabric merchants, fashion schools and seminars, and shops with sewing materials, jewelry materials and designer goods such as bookstores, DIY stores, can join our community.

You can sell various types of products and services, including but not limited to, sewing patterns, fashion design services, fashion illustration services, fabrics, sewing supplies, handmade clothes, jewelry patterns, jewelry-making supplies, handmade jewelry, as well as educational courses or seminars related to fashion.

To register, simply browse our website and follow the registration process. After approval, you can start listing your products or services.

There is no subscription fee. We charge a small commission of 8% on sales.

You will need to upload the required documents through its dashboard after registration, in the settings/verification section.

After logging into your account, you can list your products or services through the administrative environment we provide to sellers.

So far, there is no limit to the number of listings. Listing more than 10 products is recommended.

After your registration or during the process, we provide you with the necessary payment details. You can also choose between weekly or monthly deposits into your account. All the information is available in your administrative dashboard, including your orders, your shipments, and even statistical data.

We provide SEO optimization, translations, and social media promotion to help your products reach a wider audience.

Yes, you can choose additional promotion packages that we offer, at an additional cost.

Each seller is responsible for the shipping of their products. They can set the shipping cost and the option for cash on delivery from their administrative panel.

The seller has the ability to set the shipping cost through their admin panel. The settings are flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs of the business.

Yes, the seller has the option to accept or not accept cash on delivery. The cost of cash on delivery is €1.80 and is automatically charged at checkout. The seller does not need to enter this charge themselves.

Yes, you can choose to have us list your products with SEO rules, professional texts, and even products with variations, such as different sales packages or sizes and colors that a product may have.

Yes, it is chargeable and you can purchase it directly from your administrative panel. However, listing up to 10 products is completely free!

If you join with an 8% commission, then this will apply for the duration of our agreement. The rules with which you start will be maintained throughout the duration of our collaboration.

You can close your store whenever you wish and request the deletion of your data from the platform.

You can do it easily from your administrative panel. There is a ‘vacation mode’ in the store settings section. In this case, your products will no longer be displayed, and your store will appear to be on vacation.

Yes, you can open a shop as an individual. According to Greek law, you can sell up to 10,000 euros per year as an individual. We will purchase your products, issuing a retail purchase invoice and then issue a retail receipt to the customer. You will receive the customer’s receipt in your email, which you will then need to print and send to the customer along with the product they purchased. Read more

Only the categories that contain products are open in our e-shop. As soon as you register your products, the category will open in the e-shop immediately.

Do you need assistance?

Product Listing Service:

Join us and enjoy ultimate flexibility in sales! We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we offer you personalized product listing services. If you don’t have the time or ability to upload your products, leave it to us! Our experts will take care of the full and professional listing of your products so that you can focus your attention where it really matters: on your business.

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