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In these pages you will learn how to make your own sewing patterns starting from scratch.

Why do we let an entire fashion industry tell us what to wear?

We are special and we want to shout it out loud.

But because they will look at us strangely, most of us express it with our clothes.

Well with so many designers out there, there’s bound to be a style that suits you.

But if you hide a little designer deep inside you and want to express it then keep looking on this site.

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Age doesn’t matter to start something you like.

Whether you’re a kid just starting out, or you’ve grown up and want to do what you gave up as a kid. Any time is a good time to start.

So what will your style be? Sexy, casual, chic, boho or artsy ?

See here 30+ styles that went through fashion history and are still relevant.

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Sxedio Modas Πατρόν ραπτικής

One question everyone asks: Do I need to know how to sew before I start learning sewing patterns? Ideally, yes! You need to understand what you are designing. 

If you haven’t learned yet, that’s no problem. You just need a little basic knowledge. Then (if you don’t like sewing), you can collaborate with your favorite seamstress!

πατρόν ραπτικής pdf - sewing patterns pdf

Sewing patterns pdf

Ready-made sewing patterns so you don't get tired.

It’s time to start designing your first sewing pattern. With an assist from “Sxedio Modas”.

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και κερδισε δωρεαν πατρον σε 6 μεγεθη για να βρεις το δικο σου

and get free fashion sewing pattern in

6 sizes to choose your own!