About SxedioModas.Gr

Hello and welcome our dear artists!

The website sxediomodas.gr was created in 2019 by Maro Pappa, an enthusiastic artist in various fields!

The purpose of this website is to share with you the art around fashion. Because art is hidden in each of us individually. Something that we modern people, as we are generally called, have forgotten.

We believe that our thoughts, our mannerisms, our actions, are all part of the totality of the art within us.

So why should we let others tell us what to wear, what to eat, what job to choose. It is very difficult in modern society to find what suits you and to follow your dreams.

But to be here, you must be hiding a little artist inside you, or a Big one!

Here you can get the knowledge you need to get started. Of course if you are young person who wants to follow this industry, you definitely have to go to a fashion school.

On the sxediomodas.gr blog you can learn:

  • The first basic sewing patterns, where are the bases for any garment design you start.
  • How to make fashion figures from scratch and according to fashion school standards.
  • How to measure your body or the body of your clients in the right way to design a correct pattern.
  • What equipment is needed for a modeler or a fashion designer or a fashion illustrator.
  • The history of fashion.
  • Fashion trends.
  • For materials and fabrics.
  • General knowledge of the fashion and jewelry industry.

P.S. Every new collaboration we make will bring us new knowledge that we will share with you for free.

In the eshop of sxediomodas.gr you can find:

  • Fashion Sketchbooks with ready-made fashion figures in various poses. Α3 & Α4
  • Sketchbooks with blank pages to draw from start to finish.
  • Materials for the fashion designer and illustrator.
  • Sewing patterns in pdf or printed files.
  • Sewing Patterns notes from Maro Pappa printed in book or online. 17 Pattern Techniques for Skirts. (In Greek language).

P.S. Our eshop will constantly be upgraded.

Maro Pappa

Maro Pappa

Enthusiastic, appetizing, full of energy!!!!!

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