Information for Our Individual Sellers in Greece

Welcome to the information page for individual sellers on our marketplace! We are thrilled to have you in our community and are here to guide you through every step of the sales process. The process is simple and transparent, aimed at providing you with the ease and security you need to sell your products.

Sales Framework for Greek Sellers

As Greek individual sellers, you have the opportunity to sell products up to the annual limit of 10,000 euros. This gives you the freedom to create a successful online store without the need for professional registration – a perfect opportunity to start selling with minimal bureaucracy.

Approved Categories

  • Handmade Clothing
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Handmade Accessories
  • Fashion Illustrators

Sales Process

As soon as an order is placed at your store and you accept it, we issue a private individual’s purchase invoice for you and a retail sales receipt for your customer. You will receive both of these documents via email. You should keep the private individual’s purchase invoice in your records and submit it along with your tax declaration. You should print the retail sales receipt and send it along with the products to the customer. For the purchase invoices we issue for you, a 9% tax is deductible, which will be calculated along with your other income.

Mathematical Example

Assuming a product posted in your store has a value of €12.40 including 24% VAT (you should always include 24% VAT) and an order is placed:

  • We buy your product with a purchase invoice from a private person worth 12.40*24/124 plus 3.6% stamp, i.e. a total value of 10.00 +3.6%= 10.36€.
  • Subsequently, we issue a retail sales receipt for the value of 12.40€ plus the shipping costs (that you have set), including 24% VAT.
  • If we assume that you have set shipping costs at 3.00€, for this sale we take a commission of 8% on the total amount, which amounts to 1.23€.
  • We refund the remaining amount to your account, deducting the value of stamp duty, VAT and commission. In the specific example, the amount of €7.11 is returned.


  • Commission: (12.40 + 3) * 8% = 1.23€
  • Stamp: 10 * 3,6% = 0,36€
  • VAT: (12.40 + 3) * 24/124 = 3.70€

Total deductions: 1.23 + 0.36 + 3.70 = €5.29 Refund amount: 12.40 – 5.29 = €7.11

In the case of cash on delivery?

In order for customers to choose cash on delivery as a payment method, you need to enable it first from your admin panel, through the settings of your store.

If the customer chooses cash on delivery, they will make the payment in cash upon delivery of the products. According to our example, you are required to refund us the amount of €5.84, covering all shipping costs as well. In the case of PayPal, the refund process is entirely free, with no additional charges involved. In the case of bank transfer, the transfer fees are determined by the respective bank, and the cost may vary depending on the bank’s policies and charges.

You can make payments to sxediomodas.gr on the first Monday of each month, consolidating your payments for the transactions made during that period.

How do I adjust shipping costs?

You can adjust the shipping costs from your administrative panel. In the case of cash-on-delivery, the cost of cash-on-delivery is automatically charged to the customer’s shopping cart at a one-time cost of €1.80. You don’t need to include it in the shipping cost. You can watch the video tutorial provided to see how to configure shipping settings.

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