Prohibited Items Policy:

Hey there, fabulous sellers of Sxedio Modas! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you about our product upload process. 🎉

At Sxedio Modas, we believe in trust and partnership with our sellers. That’s why once you’ve built a solid rapport with our management, you gain the superpower to automatically upload your products without anyone breathing down your neck! 😎 Trust us, it’s like leveling up in the fashion universe!

Now, we have to get real for a moment and talk about our Prohibited Items Policy. We know, it might sound a bit serious, but don’t worry; we’ll make it snappy!

Safety and legality are our top priorities, and we want to provide a safe haven for all our users, just like a cozy blanket on a rainy day. ☔️ So, we have some ground rules for the types of items that won’t fit the vibe of our marketplace. We wouldn’t want anything getting in the way of your stellar success!

First off, let’s keep things chic and aligned with our marketplace’s philosophy. Anything that doesn’t quite match the groove will be removed like mismatched socks! 😜 But don’t fret; you can always check out the eligible categories to see where your dazzling products shine brightest.

Next, we’re all about respect and kindness here. So, let’s steer clear of anything that violates human rights rules like the plague! We want to keep it positive and uplifting for everyone involved.

Oh, and animal lovers, we’ve got your back! 🐾 We absolutely prohibit items derived from animal cruelty because we believe in treating our furry friends with all the love and care they deserve.

Now, history and cultural values matter to us too! Let’s not mess with a country’s heroes or its history in a way that might cause offense. It’s all about promoting understanding and harmony here at Sxedio Modas! 🌍

We know you’re all rule-following fashion rockstars, but just in case, let’s make it loud and clear: illegal items are a big no-no! It’s like wearing socks with sandals – just not a good idea!

Safety first, lovelies! We can’t risk anything harmful or threatening to the human body. So, let’s leave the dangerous stuff at the door and focus on fashion-forward creations that make heads turn! 👠💃

But wait, there’s more! 😮 If, for some reason, someone decides to go rogue and breaks our policy rules, there might be consequences. Yikes! We’re talking about account suspension or deactivation. So, let’s keep it cool and respect the boundaries.

And hey, we’re all in this together! 🤝 We invite all of you to join us on this fabulous fashion journey by embracing and abiding by our Prohibited Items Policy. If you spot any rule-breakers, you can be our fashion detectives and report violations to our marvelous support team at support@sxediomodas.gr. Together, we can create a safe, ethical, and downright fabulous environment for all our amazing users!

So, let’s keep the vibes high, the fashion fierce, and the friendships stronger than ever! You rock, and we’re thrilled to have you as part of our Sxedio Modas family! 🥰✨

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