Midi skirt sewing pattern


Do you want to make this “midi skirt sewing pattern”, in your own fabric? Keep reading to see how easy this can be.

Midi skirt sewing pattern with pockets.

The measurements we will need are:

  • Waist circumference: 72 cm.
  • Hip circumference: 100 cm.
  • Skirt length: 75 cm.

We start by making a rectangle that will have the height of the length of our skirt and the width of 1/4 of the hips + half of it. That is, if we have hips of 100 cm. then its width will be:

100/4 = 25 cm., 25/2 = 12.5 cm., 25 + 12.5 = 37.5 cm. So its width will be 37.5 cm.

A midi skirt is up to half of the calf. Measure from your waist to the middle of the calf to find your own length.

Midi skirt sewing pattern
Midi skirt sewing pattern
  • From point A we go down 20 cm, to find the hips. Point A ‘.
  • At point D we climb 1 cm. and form a curve at the hem.
  • we want a 7 cm zone. to make our skirt high-waisted, so we design our belt with a rectangle 14 cm wide. and as high as our waist + 3cm. to put a button.

At this point I want to say that while the rule for the belt is as much as the waist + 3 cm, we can leave more inches which we can remove later in the sewing process. And this is because many times we are not precise (especially the beginners), in the cutting of the fabric, in the sewing, in the darts, in the sewing marks and while we are waiting for everything to come exactly, something always breaks down and we wonder why.

Midi skirt sewing pattern

  • We continue to form the pocket. We want the opening to be at least 14 cm. It also depends on the size of our palm. One way is to form a square and measure our palm inside. Otherwise we follow the procedure as in the drawing above.
  • We leave sewing points in all the designs (except the center front), around 1 cm. and in the hem 2 cm.

The front with the back pattern is exactly the same. Cut the front piece by folding it on the fabric and use the same pattern to cut the back, leaving a seam allowance on the fabric in the center.

In the center back there will be a seam where we will incorporate an invisible zipper.

Midi skirt sewing pattern

Sewing instructions: Midi skirt sewing pattern.

We have cut our pieces in the fabric and we are ready to sew on our sewing machine.

  • First of all we basting our pieces around. Zig-zag seam. (if we do not have an overlocker).
  • Then we place the invisible zipper and mark our pleats.

We want our waist to be 72 cm. The waist back should be 72 / 2-1 = 35 cm. and the front waist to be 72/2 + 1 = 37 cm. We always move the side seams to the back to get a better fit on our skirt.

  • Having in front of us the back piece from the right side of the fabric, we measure 11 cm (one cm is the sewing point), left and right from the sides to the center back and mark the point. To reach the 35 cm that our waist should be behind, we must measure from the center back left and right by 7.5 cm. We mark the two points.
  • Fold the fabric in the places we have marked to form the pleats on the back. We attach to our sewing machine.
  • We also place our pockets well on the side seams about 10 cm from the waist line and below. We also attach the pockets to our sewing machine.
  • We open the pockets and iron on the seam.
  • We pass a very close seam at the point where the pockets will open.

Midi skirt sewing pattern

  • Now that we have the front piece in front of us, on the right side of the fabric, we follow the same procedure. We count 11 points left and right from the sides and towards the center forward and mark the points. We want to end up with the front waist being 37 cm. So from the center front and left and right we measure 8.5 cm and mark the points.
  • Join the points left and right forming a large pleat.
  • We place our pockets right side with right side of the fabric in the same place where we put them at the back piece.
  • Fasten to our sewing machine, open the pockets and iron on the seam from the good of the fabric.
  • We pass a very close seam at the point where the pockets will open.
  • Place the front with the back good with good with open pockets and fasten with pins. We start sewing the sides from the middle and below and from the point where the pockets start and 1 cm below we turn our needle and sew directly and the seam to close our pockets. Continue with the same seam and close the side to the hem.
  • Sew the belt and turn the hem and the skirt is ready.

Check out related videos below to help you sew.

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the result depends a lot on the fabric..

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Response from Sxedio Modas

Yes, you are right. The end result varies from fabric to fabric. You can create unique designs with the same pattern, especially if you add your own details. Thank you for your review!

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i think that this one flatters only tall women

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Response from Sxedio Modas

It can be matched with high heels or long boots in order to make legs look slimmer or taller! It’s up to your opinion to wear it or not! But we believe that you can make it look fanstastic on you!