Copyright Policy:

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Welcome to our delightful world of creativity and innovation! At Sxedio Modas, we cherish the brilliance of creators and their intellectual masterpieces. Our Copyright Policy is like a magical shield, safeguarding the rights of these ingenious minds and establishing guidelines for using intellectual materials within our marketplace.

Copyright Protection:

📚 Every piece of material published on our marketplace belongs to its talented creators. We hold these rights dear and kindly ask all users to honor and respect the intellectual property of others.

Reference and Imitation:

📝 We love a good shout-out! When using any intellectual material from our marketplace, please credit the source and the brilliant creator behind it. Show some love and give credit where credit is due! 😍

⛔️ Oh, and a little heads-up! The sale or distribution of products or services that infringe the copyrights of third parties is a big no-no. Let’s keep things legit and play by the rules!

Reporting Violations:

🔍 We’re all about fairness and quick action. If you believe your intellectual property rights are being infringed upon, fret not! You can submit a report to our fantastic marketplace support team at support@sxediomodas.gr. We’ll be on it like a lightning bolt and take the appropriate action, including removing any infringing content from our marketplace.

Cooperation with the Creators:

🌟 Let’s celebrate the creators in our midst! We’re all about supporting their growth and development. We provide options for creators to showcase and sell their intellectual materials, all while honoring and respecting their valuable rights.

Flexibility is Our Middle Name:

🔄 Our Copyright Policy is designed to be adaptable, just like the ever-changing fashion trends! We’ll make tweaks and adaptations as needed to suit the evolving needs of our marketplace and to stay in harmony with applicable copyright laws.

Respect and Abide:

🤝 We wholeheartedly encourage all users to embrace this policy with open arms and to cherish the copyrights of others as they would their own. Let’s build a community that’s all about admiration, respect, and collaboration!

So, welcome aboard, creators and fashion enthusiasts alike! With your cooperation, we’ll create a haven where creativity thrives, and the brilliance of creators shines bright like the stars in the fashion sky. Together, we’ll weave a tapestry of inspiration and originality in the world of Sxedio Modas! 🌟👗🎨