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Basic fashion sketch.

βασικό σκίτσο μόδας - basic fashion sketch
Βασικό σκίτσο μόδας

To visualize your ideas before implementing them, you’ll need a figure that showcases them. This figure aims to serve the best performance in design, according to needs and trends. Here you will learn a classic method of depiction.

We will use the head size as a measure. We calculate the height of the body from the chin down to be equal to nine head lengths

For a more detailed depiction, it’s important to pay attention to the proportions and details of each part of the body. Using these proportions helps create balanced and realistic designs, regardless of the style you choose to follow.

Guidelines for basic fashion sketch.

(Measurements are in centimeters. Convert centimeters to inches here.)

You will need a 30 x 40 cm drawing block.

First we will draw the head. Draw a rectangle. For a perfect head shape, we calculate its horizontal dimension to be 2/3 of its vertical. So, If the vertical is 4 cm, then we’ll have approximately 2.7 cm horizontally.

To ensure accuracy, it’s important to use a ruler or another measuring tool. Next, we can proceed with the rest of the figure, following the proportions mentioned earlier, to achieve a balanced and realistic design.

βασικό σκίτσο μόδας - basic fashion sketch

Capture the head in the shape of an egg with the pointed side facing downwards.

Βασικό σκίτσο μόδας

Basic fashion sketch.

To design the rest of the body according to the sketch and the information provided, follow the following steps:

  • Head: Start with the head, creating a rectangle where the horizontal dimension is 2/3 of the vertical.

  • Shoulders: Draw a horizontal line for the shoulders at the height of 1/3 of the second section of the body (point 2). The width of the shoulders should be equal to twice the width of the head.

  • Chest and Upper hips: Draw the chest from the shoulders downwards to point 4, where the upper hips is at 1/6 of the fourth section of the body.

  • Hips: The hips should be drawn at the height of point 4, with their width slightly larger than the waist, approximately equal to the width of the shoulders.

  • Legs:

    1. The legs start from the hips and extend to the end of the body.
    2. Divide the legs into two parts: from the hips to the knees (point 7) and from the knees to the ankles (point 9). Each part is approximately equal in length.
    3. The knee is positioned at the 1/3 mark of the seventh section of the body.
    4. The ankles are located at the 1/3 mark of the ninth section of the body.
  • Arms: The arms start from the shoulders and extend up to just above point 5. The elbows are positioned at the height of the waist (point 4), and the wrists are at point 5.

  • Extremities: Draw the ankles at point 9 and have the feet taper into small triangles at point 10.

    The arms end with small rectangles representing the palms and fingers.

By following these steps and using the sketch as a guide, you will be able to create a realistic and balanced figure. The proportions provided will help achieve accurate representation of the human body, especially when considering that the height of the body from the chin downwards is equal to nine head heights.

Βασικό σκίτσο μόδας σε πόζα κίνησης

Fashion sketch pose in motion.

To sketch the figure in a pose as shown in the photograph, follow these steps:

  • Skeleton and Perspective: Begin by designing a simple skeleton. Create a circle for the head and draw a central line that determines the posture of the body.

  • Head and Neck: Draw the head as described above, using the rectangular parallelogram. Add the neck by drawing two small lines from the head towards the shoulders.

  • Shoulders: Draw a horizontal line for the shoulders at the height of 1/3 of the second section of the body (point 2).

  • Chest and Upper Hips: From the shoulders, draw the upper body and hips as described previously, adding curvature to show the twist of the body.

  • Main Body and Hips: Draw the curvature of the spine, creating a dynamic line that defines the pose. Draw the hips at the level of point 4.

  • Arms: Draw the lines for the arms, making sure to show the movement. Position the elbows at waist level (point 4) and the wrists at point 5. Add the palms and fingers.

  • Legs: Start from the hips and draw the lines for the legs. Draw the knees at point 7 (1/3 of the seventh segment) and the ankles at point 9 (1/3 of the ninth segment).

Draw the legs bent as seen in the image, showing the movement and dynamic posture.

  • Details and Final Design: Add the details of the body, following the proportions and the pose you have created with the skeleton.

    Remove unnecessary guide lines and enhance the final lines of the design.

Following these steps, you will be able to create a figure in a dynamic pose, as shown in the image. Use the skeleton and proportions to guide you and achieve balance and movement in the figure.

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