Shipping & Payment Policy for Sellers

Welcome to our esteemed Fashion Materials Marketplace! We sincerely appreciate your decision to become part of our vibrant community as a valued seller. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we want to ensure clarity and transparency in our mutual dealings. Below, you’ll find the essential general terms governing shipments and payments between you and our Marketplace.

Product Shipments:
  • Timely Fulfillment: Each seller is entrusted with fulfilling their orders within 2 business days, provided the product is immediately available and in stock. Punctuality is the key to a seamless shopping experience!

  • Inventory Accuracy: We kindly request sellers to maintain up-to-date inventories and regularly verify the accuracy of product availability. Happy customers depend on reliable information!

  • Shipping Companies: For the delivery of your products, we encourage you to collaborate with a reputable shipping company of your choice. Smooth deliveries make for satisfied customers!


Shipping costs:
  1. Seller Flexibility: Sellers have the privilege of setting the shipping cost for their products via their personalized dashboard. We appreciate the freedom to cater to individual needs!

  2. Shipping Zones: To streamline the process, specific shipping zones have been predefined for Greek destinations, encompassing Attica, Greece’s provinces, and the islands of Greece. Remember, different zones may incur varying shipping costs.

  3. Custom Shipping Zones: In the event you wish to define new shipping zones not specified by our marketplace administrator, please reach out to our dedicated support team at {support@sxediomodas.gr}. We’re here to assist you!

Payment methods:
  1. Consumer Convenience: We prioritize our customers’ preferences, offering them multiple payment options to suit their convenience:

    a. Card Payment: Consumers can securely pay using any card through Viva Wallet’s interbank system for e-shops or their PayPal account.

    b. Bank Transfer: Customers have the flexibility of opting for bank transfers for their purchases, understanding that they may incur possible bank charges.

    c. Cash on Delivery: For the utmost convenience, consumers can opt for cash on delivery. In this case, a service cost of €1.80 will apply.

Marketplace commissions.
  1. Our Fair Share: To continue offering top-notch services, “Sxedio Modas” will receive a commission of 8% for each transaction conducted through our platform (+24% VAT).

  2. Invoicing Transparency: Rest assured, we will always issue clear invoices for our fees, keeping the process transparent and straightforward.

  3. Deductible Commission: Sellers have the convenience of deducting the commission from their sales amount before receiving the remaining balance. Simplicity at its finest!

  4. Comprehensive Calculation: The commission is calculated based on the entire transaction, encompassing shipping costs and VAT.

  5. Automated Withdrawals: We’ve streamlined the process for you! Sellers can avail of automatic weekly or monthly withdrawals directly from their dashboard.

  6. Payment Schedule: Payments are automated to be made every Thursday for weekly withdrawals and on the first Monday of each month for monthly withdrawals, following successful order completion.

Money Transfer Costs and Currency Conversion:

  1. Seller Responsibility: When it comes to bank transfers, money transfer costs are the responsibility of sellers and will be included in the invoice, amounting to €1.50.

  2. PayPal Payments: Sellers opting for PayPal payments enjoy the perk of avoiding remittance fees, unless currency conversion comes into play. In such cases, a 3.00% fee above the base rate applies.

Cash on delivery case:
  1. Collaborating with Shipping Companies: As with other shipments, each seller collaborates with a shipping company for the delivery of their products. We enable consumers to pay with cash on delivery for added flexibility.

  2. Service Cost: The service cost for cash on delivery is a standard €1.80 for all sellers. This amount will be automatically charged at checkout, eliminating the need for you to add it to the shipping cost.

  3. Commissions Payment: In the case of cash on delivery, each seller is required to pay their commissions to the marketplace on the first of every month from cash receipts, without charging the marketplace with bank charges.

Account and Payment Terms:

  1. Timely Payments: Promptness is essential! Failure to make payments within 3 business days of the 1st of each month will result in temporary account disablement and frozen payments.

  2. Repeated Non-Payment: In the event of repeated non-payment (more than three times), your account will be disabled for at least one year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above terms, please know that our dedicated team is here to assist you at every step. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience in our Marketplace. Together, we’ll make fashion dreams come true!


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