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Introduction to 'Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt'

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt / Πατρόν για φούστα Midi

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt

The midi skirt has become one of the most beloved and timeless pieces in women’s wardrobes.

With its classic silhouette and the elegance it exudes, it becomes an element that can transform any outfit, from the simplest everyday to the most formal.

In this article, we will show you how to design your own midi skirt pattern, customized to your exact measurements and style.

By following detailed instructions and using minimal materials, you will learn how to create an outfit that will fit you perfectly and showcase your personality.

So, get ready to take your measurements and create something truly unique!

Materials for a Handmade Pattern

  • Pattern paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Transparent Tape
  • Pencil ΗΒ
  • Erasor
  • Χάρακας του μέτρου
  • Rectangular Triangle for a Pattern
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Chalk
  • Your preferred fabric (Stable fabric for better results)
  • Sewing machine

Performing mathematical operations

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt

In our instructions, we will use size 46 from the worldwide size standards. Find them here

  • Waist circumference 72 cm / 28.3465 (in)
  • Waist to Hem Length (Skirt Length)

For our design, we need the following operations.

1/2 of the waist circumference 72/2 = 36 cm / 14.1732 (in)

1/3 of the waist circumference – 1 72/3 = 24, 24-1 = 23 cm / 9.0551 (in)

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt / Half Umbrella Style

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt / Πατρόν για φούστα Midi

Step-by-Step Instructions.

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt

We create the half umbrella skirt by drawing a right angle with sides equal to the skirt length. Join two tracing papers together with transparent tape to achieve it.

Points AB-AC: 23 cm (1/3 of the waist circumference -1)

Point BC: Draw a curved line equal to half of the waist circumference. (36εκ.)

Points BD-CE: It is the length of the skirt where line BD is the front center and line CE is the back center.

To properly draw the waistline, you should measure 23 cm from point A along the diagonal as well. to find the center and with your measuring tape from point A, measure 23 cm from one side of the right angle to the other.

Point DE: It is the hem line Using your measuring tape from curve BC, mark points until you create a perfect curve, precisely parallel to the waist curve.

Leave 1 cm seam allowances.

Draw the waistband.

For a 5 cm belt, you need a rectangular parallelogram with sides of 72 + 3 (if you want a button on the side), which is 75×7 cm its sides, with the stitching points.

Cut the pattern along the waistline diagonal.

Fold your fabric right sides together.

The Center Front & Back lines are placed on the fold line and are on the stable side of the fabric fabric.

On the other hand, the side will be cut on the bias of the fabric, causing it to tend to elongate.

You can go up by 1 cm on the fabric’s side at the hem and also at the waist to correct this disproportion.

Zipper on the side!

A fantastic surprise!

After a complete journey through the creative process of designing your own midi skirt, we have reached a point where we are eager to share with you.

A fantastic surprise!

We are excited to present you with an extra gift – the pattern in PDF format is here for you to download for free!

This pattern has been created with care and attention to detail to ensure that your creation will not only be beautiful but also practical.

For a medium size with a waist of 79 centimeters.

We hope it inspires you and gives you the confidence to take the needle and thread and create something truly unique.

Please, share your experience with us!

Leave a comment with your impressions and tell us: did you download the pattern?

Was it what you expected?

How did the process of creating your own skirt make you feel?

Your opinion means a lot to us and helps us continue creating content that excites and inspires you.

Thank you for joining us on the wonderful journey into the world of sewing!

Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt / Πατρόν για φούστα Midi
Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt / Πατρόν για φούστα Midi
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Sewing Pattern for Midi Skirt


  1. Cut the margins: Along the dotted lines.
  2. Match the markings: Place the A4 sheets on the floor or a large surface, aligning the numbered pages.
  3. Secure the sheets: Use transparent adhesive tape to join the sheets together. Ensure that all the sheets are properly secured and that the pattern is smooth and without any wrinkles.
  4. Pattern Check and Cutting: After assembling all the sheets, perform a final accuracy check and cut the pattern along the outer lines.

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