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You do not need a lot of specialized tools to get started, however some are necessary and some will just make your life easier. They are not going to cost you a lot. You will find most of them in the bookstore in your neighborhood and some others you will have to look for in specialty stores. But now there is, thankfully, the internet where it brings all these stores to our doorstep.

Let’s start !

Paper: The paper for the design of sewing pattern can be a simple brown paper (postal) or even better rice paper which is also white and you can better distinguish your lines. Now if you want to capture your design, to use it again and again, then you will need a cardboard to withstand use.

Cotton cloth: Fabric in different thicknesses that is used to test the implementation of the design. If we are not sure about the construction of the sewing pattern we have completed, then it is better to cut it on a test fabric first than to destroy our regular fabric on a failed pattern design.

Pencil: Yes, pencil is as obvious as paper. And you will need a lot of pencils. The noses B, 2B, HB they work better. They are hard enough to see your lines and fade better keeping the paper clean. Because you will turn it off many times!

Eraser: White and soft enough to fade easily, without crumbling.

Adhesive tape: You will need a lot of tape. Do not buy cheap. It will save you a lot of time and effort. There is nothing worse than a tape that is constantly being cut and you are looking to find its edge all the time. It would also be good to choose the matte texture. The glossy makes you lose your opponents and your lines.

Measuring tape: The measuring tape is necessary for the measurements on the body either yours or someone else’s. It also helps with measurements on the sewing pattern itself.

Ruler: You will not be able to start drawing without having a ruler at least 60 cm. You can also find a one meter ruler in the market.

Curvilinear: A curvilinear will help you make smooth curves in the hips, neckline and armpits. You could even measure these curves in an easier way.

Right triangle: Made of plastic with one side at least 45 cm.

Scissors: You will need different scissors for paper and different for fabrics. Caution, never use the scissors that cut the fabrics to cut paper. You will destroy it. Paper scissors are different from cloth scissors.

Pins: For connecting sewing patterns to fabrics.

Sewing chalks: To mark your seams, on fabrics.

Figures for sketches: The first step you need to do is draw a sketch of how you want your new style to be. A fashion sketchbook will help you create professional looking images and keep the proportions right. Something that is much more difficult than you think, if you are not a natural artist.

However if you do not want to waste time designing the figure for your outfits, you can print ready-made figures for free here or you can buy one drawing blocks with figures in various poses to design a complete fashion line for you or your models!

These are enough to get you started. There are many different tools on the market for making sewing pattern. Along the way you will discover everything.

Give some time!


To all the amateurs, as a fashion illustraror myself, i suggest to make the beggining using whatever you have. just make the start! give some time and you ‘ll realize what tools you need to get! good luck!

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Sammy T.

Response from Sxedio Modas

Thank you for your review and your advice. Everyone would appreciate it!



πολυ απλα πραγματα για να ξεκινησεις και ερασιτεχνικα , τα εχω ολα σχεδον στο σπιτι μου

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τα χρειάζεται κανείς όλα για να ξεκινήσει με κάτι απλό;

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Κοσμάς Γ.

Response from Sxedio Modas

Δεν είναι απαραίτητο να έχετε τα πάντα εξαρχής, μπορείτε να προμηθευτείτε τα απαραίτητα από την ιστοσελίδα μας! Ευχαριστούμε!

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