Sewing machine – 9 considerations before buying


Sewing machine - 9 things to consider before choosing yours.

I’m sure if you have the slightest passion for needle and thread, fabric and scissors, you’ve been tempted to buy a sewing machine, right?

The buying in general, however, always raises some doubts:

will i use it? will i be able to sew? Will i waste my money?

But above all the question that everyone asks and that I asked myself several years ago is:

Which sewing machine should I buy?

Based on my experience, I have found that there is no exact answer to this question. In other words, there is not ONE sewing machine that is recommended for everyone, because there are many variables to consider and each person is different: use, cost, type, technology, size, etc.

In light of all these thoughts and my simple experience, I’ve tried to write a list of things you should know and personal opinions that I hope you’ll find useful.

1. Trust the old ones.

How did you get to the point of wanting your own sewing machine? Someone must have taught you the art. You should ask this person first which machine you need. It is your aunt, your mom or some school, or some friend whose opinion is definitely worth listening to.

Otherwise, it is very difficult to choose between so many options on the market and certainly no seller knows how to tell you more than the technical characteristics listed on the package.

The presence of a trusted expert will reassure you about your choice, whether you have decided to buy a new or used sewing machine.
Once the purchase is made, maybe offer a coffee to the person who helped you.

2. How do I want to use the machine I will buy?

The right sewing machine will depend on what fabric you plan to sew, whether you plan to use it for home decor or clothing, and generally what kind of work you would like to do.

Also is it a hobby or a job? Because if it is work then a small home sewing machine is definitely not enough for you, because you will be working for hours with it.

You still need to think about the fabrics you plan to sew.

There is no point in buying a cheap, lightweight sewing machine to sew your new heavy-duty curtains. It just won’t happen and you’ll end up frustrated and annoyed.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is vital to buy a sewing machine with the features you need.

If you want to start with light fabrics then a simple machine is enough. But if you want to work with heavy fabrics like jeans, thick cotton or anything else with enough weight then the sturdier the machine, the better.

3. What characteristics should it have?

If we assume that you are looking for a good easy-to-use sewing machine that will help you do more or less everything, then look for a sturdy machine that ensures stability and lasts over time.

Not super cheap sewing machines that look like toys and definitely not those mini machines they sell on the beaches. (haha kidding!!!)

Don’t make trivial purchases that end up in the trash. Waste of time, money and waste of materials on our earth.

What he should definitely do are the two basics: linear sewing and zigzag.

With these two stitches you can sew anything you want. From the hem of a trouser, to the curtains of the house.

You should also make sure that the machine you buy has the mechanism to fill the spool for the lower thread. It is very important to pick evenly and definitely not by hand.

You should also pay attention to the mechanism that makes the fabric slide under the sewing foot to be able to transfer all types of fabric, both thin and heavy in a uniform manner.

To have the ability to adjust the thread tension to adapt to different fabrics.

And definitely have the setting for elastic fabrics.

Machines with these features can be found in various brands and from many suppliers.

4. More characteristics.

When you go to buy a sewing machine you will notice that in addition to linear and zigzag stitches, there are also embroidery stitches!!

Yes ok PERFECT but not necessary. While it’s fun at first when you’re playing and learning, later on you’ll find they’re pretty much useless until you stop using them.

The reverse is not necessary but it is very useful to have it to secure your seams more easily.

And that little pole that the reel fits into should be made of steel and not plastic. Also make it rotary instead of oscillating even better.

Being able to adjust the speed is useful but not essential. We can adjust the speed with our foot as well (the more we press the pedal, the faster it goes).

All these features turn a simple machine into a GOOD machine. And the more we add, the more its price rises.

5. How much can you spend?

Sewing machines on the market can cost from a few (a hundred euros) to a lot (even thousands of euros).

How much you spend now is up to you. An average investment is around 200/300€ (Better even 400€)

Okay, you can find a machine in the supermarket, but spending less does not always mean that you make the smartest purchases.

In fact, buying a cheap machine that then causes you constant discomfort and dissatisfaction could make you lose the desire to sew, thus making your purchase worthless.

6. Mechanical or electronic?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an electronic machine is better than a conventional one.

The difference is simply in the way you choose its functions.

In electronics you push a button while in mechanics you turn a knob.

Also the robustness that plays a role and the reliability do not depend on its electronic form but on the materials with which the sewing machine was made.

7. Which brand should I choose?

Honestly, I can’t recommend one brand over another. I could only do that if I had tried them all, but I haven’t.

The best known brands with the best quality/price ratio are Brother, Pfaff, Necchi, Singer, Janome.

Toyota as a brand is less “shiny”, with Husqvarna Viking and Juki driving the price up and Bernina coming out on top.

8. Where to buy from?

8. Where to buy from? In the supermarket, in the retail store or online?

In general there are many places where you can buy machines (even the ones from the supermarket are not bad).

I personally prefer the dealer for many reasons. Firstly, because if there are problems after the purchase, I know who to blame, secondly, because in case of need, you have the proper support from experienced staff and not from the supermarket employee. Third, because at the dealer I can find the right parts and accessories, as well as spare parts.

However, if you know the model you want to get by doing your research locally then you can look for the same model online for a tremendously better price than you would find in the local market.

9. How much space do I have to put it?

I bought the sewing machine. And now where should i put it?
Or just think before you buy.
In fact, if you have the space and money to invest, then don’t put the sewing machine in a cupboard.

However, if you have zero space and little money in your pocket, a small sewing machine that easily folds up is the best solution.

Leave comments with your own experiences!!!!
If you want to add tips and tell your experience about buying sewing machines, you are welcome. Your opinion can be valuable. Thanks!



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