Designs for skirts


There are countless designs for skirts. Distinguished fashion designers, students, amateurs design different styles every day, different seams, colors, lengths, openings, yokes, ruffles, pockets and much more that compose complete designs for skirts depending on the imagination, style, influences, trend and style of each designer.

However there are only a few dozen techniques that one needs to learn in order to be able to imprint these patterns on patterned pieces and then to be able to cut into fabric and sew.

Straight skirt, designs for skirts.

Here I want you to understand, that from just a simple design, like basic designs for skirts , you can create different styles, adapted to the trend of the time and of course to suit your body type.

Skirt designs
Designs for skirts

In the photo we see how basic pattern for skirt can be transformed into different styles, different needs, different trends. Only the fabric can completely change the image. But if you add details such as buttons, pockets, pleats instead of darts, prints, openings on the side or back then from a single pattern you have so many other skirts designs tailored to your needs (if you are an amateur), or to her needs fashion (if you are a creator).

Other skirts designs

We saw that from a simple technique we can create different styles. If we change a few details only in this technique we can create even more.

Using the darts we have at basic pattern design for the straight skirt, we can easily and quickly turn it into an evase skirt without darts.

Learn how to make the sewing pattern for the evase skirt here.
designs for skirts, skirts designs

Skirt with pleats

A very classic design that can be transformed with the right materials into a design of high aesthetics. You can leave a straight piece in the center at the front or you can create pleats all over the front or around the waist. The pleats can be large and deep or they can be made small and airy.

With an invisible zipper in the center back or in the side, with pockets or even buttons, this classic piece is a treasure trove of inspiration and has only a specific pattern technique!

designs for skirts, skirts designs

Box pleat skirt

It seems difficult but it is very easy to turn the basic pattern for a skirt into a fashionable skirt. Modern fabrics and personal style are the supplies to create on this classic design, modern fashion.

And yet here is another technique you need to learn.

φούστα ομπρέλα

Cloche skirt

Or else circle skirt. It can be a whole circle, it can be a half circle or it can be 1/4 of a circle (semi-circle). You need to know only one technique (and a little math) to succeed. Timeless design, favorite from a young age and beyond.

Whether you want to deal with fashion design, or you want to deal with the pattern part, or even if you want to learn to sew your own clothes, the pattern technique is a must for everyone. A good fashion designer is much more effective in his designs if he knows the technique part of the pattern. Even the one who sews the clothes should know how to use the pieces of the pattern, how to read them, how to put them together. But also the one who deals exclusively with the pattern technique, should know how to design based on specific sewing rules.

So we see that these three specialties are interdependent. No one can do all three, but one should know the basic rules of all three specialties.

Skirts designs be continued
designs for skirts, skirts designs

Skirt with koufopieta & basque

Here we have two techniques. The box pleat and the yoke. The yoke is the part that hugs the hips and at the same time eliminates the darts. But it is also a decorative piece that you can shape as you wish. Round, triangular, straight, with another fabric or other color, with prints and anything else you can think of.


Skirt with asymmetrical drapes

Draped skirt. A technique with many possibilities. In essence, it transforms the fabric into whatever you want. Do you want to be on the side? Do you want it to be in the center forward? Do you want them to be perimeter? With big folds, with small folds? Everything is possible if you understand the technique. A little knowledge about types of fabrics , would help a lot.

So we see that a professional fashion designer, in addition to inspiration and love for the subject, also needs valuable knowledge to succeed. Surely he should know a little about patterns, a little about sewing and very from textiles and available materials. But do not worry ! You who want to be an amateur, do not need all this. You can start designing your own clothes using materials you will find at your local fabric store. And of course I’m here to help you! !

Skirts designs continuity

Did you know that if you go to choose the fabric you like, are there shops that can turn it into a pleated fabric? Yes really, with simple math you buy the fabric you want and effortlessly with the right machines they turn it into a pleat. Later you cut it and sew it to your measurements.

The math you have to do is elementary. Just find the widest point on your body and multiply x3. That is, if your hips are 100 cm. then you should get 3 meters of fabric.

If you still do not want to do this, you can make your own pleated skirt with the right technique. We said there are a few dozen techniques you need to learn to get inspired and create.

designs for skirts, skirts designs

Skirt pants

Skirt pants. Favorite piece with many conversion possibilities. Short, long, with pockets, pleats, with ruffles. A piece that you definitely want to have in your closet. And it is very easy to make it starting only from the basic design for a skirt!

Many designs, many possibilities, many fabrics, a lot of inspiration, a few dozen techniques and a lot of appetite for creation. Do not let time pass. Start designing your own clothing collection now!

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Θυμάμαι το το site απ’ όταν ήταν μόνο blog, πλέον είναι και marketplace και έχετε και αγγελίες! bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Γιολάντα Φλ.

Πάντα στυλάτη με μία φούστα!


Χαίρομαι πολύ που πλέον οποιαδήποτε φούστα είναι αποδεκτή κοινώς! Από την μακρυά με άρβυλα -rock style- μέχρι την κολλητή office style, μπορείς με λίγα αξεσουάρ να τη φοράς από το πρωί ως το βράδυ!

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Μαίρη Λ.



others say that basque skirt is old fashioned, in my opinion is very chic <3

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mrs mary louise

Response from Sxedio Modas

We agree! If you match it with a shirt you create a formal office style! Otherwise, you can choose a short top and heels to stand out at night! Thank you for your review!

any fabric


can i make a * box pleat skirt * using any fabric i like ? or will the garment crumples??

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Response from Sxedio Modas

It depends on the season you want to wear it. You could prefer elastic crepe, plisse or viscose satin! But there are plenty of beautiful fabrics you could also choose..




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tolmhsa na foresw makrya fousta me pietes sydiasmenh me poukamiso kai dexthka polla sygxarhthriaaaaa, exoun gyrisei polla palia styl sth moda

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Vaso R.

Response from Sxedio Modas

Μπράβο! Όσοι αγαπάμε τη μόδα, τη δημιουργούμε και την εξελίσσουμε!