What is Fashion?


We must first understand that while the words fashion, clothing, apparel, costume are often used interchangeably, the terms are not identical.

Fashion is not just clothes. It reflects the aesthetics, the art, the design trends of a modern society. This makes it a versatile word that attracts a number of different influences. Simply put, fashion is a social process by which new styles and trends are accepted and therefore popular by a wider consumer audience.

Clothes is a general term that refers to real objects related to the human body.

The clothing refers to clothes where they are made of fabric. Knitwear, leather or any other material that can be worn.

The suit ( costume), comes from the word “custom”, which means custom. Custom, that is, something that evolves from the surrounding environment and society. Refers to clothes for a specific use. Whether they are worn in a show or ceremony, or they are for nationalities or historically within a specific context of events and time.

In order to understand modern fashion, it is necessary to know its origin and its evolutionary process. Knowledge of the history of fashion is terribly interesting if you consider that it is the inevitable result of the widespread socio-cultural-political influences in society at different points in time.

We will talk about these fashion developments in another article.

The more knowledge we gain the more creative we become.


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