Feather Trim 120mm

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Feather Trim 120mm for Creative Sewing, Decoration, and Striking Accessories. Adds Bold Character to Any Project. 100% Rooster Feather.

! Please note: Colors may vary slightly in natural light compared to the photos. Sold by the meter.

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Revitalize your creations with our Rooster Feather Trim, the perfect accessory to add a touch of dramatic beauty and vivid texture to every design.

With a width of 120mm, this trim is striking and tangible, bringing the luxury of nature directly to your fingertips.

Available in a color palette reminiscent of the vast diversity of the natural world, from vibrant parrot green to tropical strawberry red, our trim offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Each feather is meticulously incorporated into the trim, providing a sense of movement and freedom.

Use it in sewing to add volume and uniqueness to garments, or to create stunning hats and accessories.

In the world of spectacle, it’s ideal for costumes in performances and festivals, where showmanship and grandeur are key.

At events, it can be the centerpiece of a thematic decoration or used to create unique elements for setting up the space.

The Rooster Feather Trim is a statement of fashion and art, offering the opportunity for innovative and unforgettable creations that will leave a lasting impression.

Είναι η απόλυτη επιλογή για τον σύγχρονο δημιουργό που αναζητά το εκκεντρικό και το μοναδικό.

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Green, Red, Light Beige, Grey, Pink, White, Purple, Dark Blue

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