1 Pattern for a poncho towel.


How to make the pattern for a poncho towel for the beach, starting with basic blouse design?

It’s very simple ! ! !

towel poncho, pattern

First we need to have a pictorial representation of our idea. What will be the final design? Will it have pockets? Hood; We draw all this in a fashion figure.

You also need to think about what fabric to use. I decided to use towel . And so I got one sketchbook with ready-made figures and I designed it towel poncho before proceeding with the pattern. It will have a straight line with a ”zapone” sleeve and a hood. I could stick a sleeve on my shoulder. Or not. This is to everyone’s taste. I will put one.

And now it’s the turn of the pattern for the poncho towel!

You make it first base for blouse to your number (without the darts) and then make the following modifications:

  • You lower the neck 8 cm to the front and redesign the neck curve. The new design is illustrated with red lines.
  • You raise the shoulder 1 cm and at this point you go out 1 cm. Extend the shoulder line another 8 cm to achieve the zapone.
  • Waist +7 cm and hips +1.5. That is, if the initial waist is 72 cm, then we have 72/4 = 18, 18 + 1 + 7 = 26 cm. Where 1 cm, it is to shift the side seam backwards and 7 to achieve a comfortable line . Same with the hips. If we have initial hips 100 cm, then 100/4 = 25, 25 + 1 + 1.5 = 27.5 cm.
  • We lower the armpit 4 cm for a comfortable fit and we design the side starting from the shoulder and passing through the armpit, the waist and the hips, reaching the desired length.
  • If you want to put on a sleeve, you make it as shown in the drawing.
  • Then design the pocket and your poncho pattern is ready.
  • If you want you can raise 1 cm. the side on the hem for a rounder line.

Follow the same procedure for the back.

You copy on a new paper the pocket and the sleeve (if you put) and put sewing allowances. Fold in the center forward and copy your pattern to have a complete front piece or you can cut the fabric folded. We put sewing allowances on the whole pattern 1 cm and 2 cm for the hem.

Hood for the poncho towel.

sewing pattern

Make a rectangle 24×42 and put the following signs:

  • Divide the lines ab and ag in half.
  • From point b I went down 12 cm.
  • At point b make an acute angle and measure 4 cm.
  • At point d enter 2 cm.
  • At point c go down 5 cm and come out at this point another 2 cm.
  • Draw the hood going through all the points as shown in the drawing.

Now you need to measure the front neckline and the back. The result should be equal to the curve formed at the bottom of the hood. If it is more then put a dart. But if it is less, you should open the sides a little. The front neckline is to the left of the design and the rear to the right.

Put seam points and the whole pattern is ready for a poncho towel! ! !

If you want you can leave the side seams open to completely change the design.

Good luck.


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